Expedia Goes All-In on AWS

Running Critical Applications on AWS

Its provisions of the Hadoop cluster using Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (Amazon EMR) to analyze and process streams of data coming from the websites, which is stored on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). It processes approximately 240 requests per second. “The advantage of AWS is that we can use Auto Scaling to match load demand instead of having to maintain capacity for peak load in traditional datacenters,”. Expedia Group uses AWS CloudFormation with Chef to deploy its entire front and backend stack into its Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) environment. It uses a multi-region, multi-availability zone architecture with a DNS service to add resiliency to the applications. It also adds a new cluster to manage GDE and other high volume applications without worrying about the infrastructure. “If we had to host the same applications on our on-premises data center, we wouldn’t have the same level of CPU efficiency,”. If an application processes 3,000 requests per second, we would have to configure our physical servers to run at about 30 percent capacity to avoid boxes running hot. On AWS, we can push CPU consumption close to 70 percent because we can always scale-out. Fundamentally, running in AWS enables a 230 percent CPU consumption efficiency in the data processing. We run our critical applications on AWS because we can scale and use the infrastructure efficiently.” and using IAM to manage security.

The Benefits

By using AWS to build a standard deployment model, development teams can quickly create the infrastructure for new initiatives. Critical applications run in multiple Availability Zones in different Regions to ensure data is always available and to enable disaster recovery. Expedia Group Worldwide Engineering is working on building a monitoring infrastructure in all Regions and moving to a single infrastructure.



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